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Küstenholz -
decks without parallel

Küstenholz is a decking of the new generation. 

Better materials make better decks; it`s really as simple as that. And new Küstenholz Decking leads the way in taking decks to new heights of quality and enjoyment. Made from wood fiber and plastics, Küstenholz Decking looks remarkably like traditional wood decking but without all the maintenance. It`s also splinter-free and barefoot friendly, with a reversible finish that helps prevent slips, even when wet. Finally, say goodbye to laborious water-sealing and staining. Küstenholz is easier and less expensive to maintain than a wood deck.

Küstenholz is the perfect material for terraces, balconys and pathes, but it can also be taken for other constructive uses, for example fences or balcony-facings.

Küstenholz-Flyer (pdf, 185kB)




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